To:       Fourth grade students, and their parents
From:   Brett Smith – Music Teacher
Re:       Purchase of recorders and books
As part of the fourth grade music curriculum, students will be using soprano recorders as a tool to learn about and read music.  Students are able to play and hear tones produced as they are seen on the printed page.  This “learning by doing” offers strong reinforcement of note reading and the overall musical ideas presented.  Learning to play recorders also prepares students for ensemble performing in the Middle School. 
Because students will be using recorders on a weekly basis throughout fourth grade, we strongly suggest that all students acquire their own recorder and book.  Many of you have access to a recorder, either within the family or through a friend.  The recorder we use in the music class is the C soprano. 
If you do not own or have access to a recorder or the Best in Class Recorder Method Book (blue cover), we will order these for you through Schmitt Music. You may purchase the package or the individual items.
  • $9.00          Package of Recorder, Case, and Method Book
  • $5.00          Best in Class Method Book only
  • $4.00          Angel Recorder & Case only
Please purchase your book and recorder at the online school store
The registration form and payment have been made easy this year completed online at our OHA school store.  Go to the following URL on the OHA website: ; then click OH Anderson Fines/Fees/Donations – Product Search – Department – O.H. Anderson - OHA MUSIC – Recorder Books.
Recorders and books will be passed out as part of music class during the second week of school.  Once payment has been received they may be taken home.  Each recorder and book will have the students’ name on it.   
If you already have a recorder, please bring it to music class so that we may begin playing.  You will need your recorder every music class from now until the end of this school year. 
School recorders and books are available for those who have difficulties with the cost of the book and recorder. 
Feel free to call (407-2348) with any questions.
Thanks for your help.