Mrs. Stang in Costa Rica releasing baby turtles.
Thank you for visiting my web-page. You will find some valuable information here.

I am excited to have moved my classroom to the cool newly decorated flex lab.  Join me in the freshwater biome.

Science will be a blast this year! Students will learn what it means to be a scientist and do many fun and interesting labs. We will learn about the adaptations of plants and animals, force and motion, the food chains and ecosystems, landforms, and engineering.

Are you wondering about the homework for the day? Students write the assignments for class each day in their planners. Please make sure that they are writing it neatly and carefully. Please, please sign the planner each day. If you can't find the assignment, check my web page. If you have questions call or e-mail. It is very important that students complete all assignments.

Get ready to have a blast in fifth grade!

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