Upcoming Events

5- Evening conferences (4-8)

3- Choir/World Music Concert, at St. Andrew's 7:00pm
8- 3rd Gr. Music Concert- Dworak, Sadowski, Nestrud, Loosbrock
9- 3rd Gr. Music Concert- Sherar, Gerver/Werner, Zemke, Frye
10- 4th Gr. Music Concert- Dibos, Feustel, Lindberg, Swisher, Wendorff
11- 4th Gr. Music Concert- Baker, Cordek, Kerner, Lewis
17- 5th Gr. Music Concert- Anderson, Stang, Petronek, Hauble
18- 5th Gr. Music Concert- Donovan, Felber, Johnson, Morreim, Och
22- Aloha Night 6:30-7:30 PM for parents of      incoming 3rd grade students for the 2018-19 school year
29- 3rd Grade Track and Field Day
30- 4th Grade Track and Field Day
31- 5th Grade Track and Field Day

2nd graders to visit OHA
5- 4th grade to History Center- Kerner, Lewis, Cordek, Baker
6- 4th grade to History Center- Dibos, Wendorff, Feustel, Swisher, Lindberg
7- Last day of school

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